We are Torcular Herophili - Purveyors of T-shirts and Truth. And we are the most honest clothing company out there. We don’t believe in concealing one’s self under tons of makeup, cute mantras, emotional compromise, etc. We advocate honesty, strength and ultimately...inner peace. Our shirts boldly and proudly bear the ubiquitous, albeit darker, qaulities of humanity.

What is real strength? It is strength of character, soul and mind. To us, strength is unabashed individuality.  By wearing your weakness on your chest, you are sending a message to everyone around you that you have progressed to the next level. You have the necessary maturity and strength to look yourself in the eye, and for better or worse, to deal with what you don’t like.

We understand that Torcular Herophili is not for everyone. We have made shirts for those of you that understand the strength that can come from weakness; shirts for those who value individuality, no matter the cost. And for those that not only know “Life is Good”, but also know that it can be better.

Please don’t misunderstand the nature of our shirts or our philosophy. We are not negativists, Satanists, or nihilists. We are simply realists. In a way, we offer cotton psychotherapy to those brave enough to try it.



“You are only what you are when no one is looking.”
Robert C. Edwards






























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