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;given or readily disposed to evil: a vicious criminal.

;reprehensible; blameworthy; wrong: a vicious deception.

;spiteful; malicious: vicious gossip; a vicious attack.

;unpleasantly severe: a vicious headache.

;characterized or marred by faults or defects; faulty; unsound: vicious reasoning.

;savage; ferocious: They all feared his vicious temper.

;(of an animal) having bad habits or a cruel or fierce disposition: a vicious bull.

;Archaic. morbid, foul, or noxious.

"Damaged" Shirt

Short sleeved crew tee's constructed using 100% Premium  Cotton. Grinded collar, sleeve and bottom hems.

Modern, fitted cut with Torcular Herophili logo printed on right shoulder blade.

Available colors:

Dark Gray Vintage Tee w/ White Print

White Vintage Tee w/Black Print


Price: $79






























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